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Triplets in the family??

This haunting photo was found in a Bible that originally belonged to my great grandmother Lena Wilhelms Kohler.  It was passed on to her only child, my grandmother, Emma Kohler Boll and then came into my family with Grandma Boll’s death.  Grandma Boll recorded family information in this Bible for both her family and her […]

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Carolinas Research

I’m currently on an airplane heading back to the Charlotte, North Carolina area for a month long stay.  It will be genealogy heaven!  Living  in the Western United States for the past 42 years of my life I have always had to travel to explore the places where ancestors left their records, even if it […]

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Association of Professional Genealogists

The Association of Professional Genealogist is an organization that you should check out if you are in need of a researcher in a specific locale or for a specific topic.  All members are committed to continuing education and subscribe to a code of ethics. Please check out my listing.

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RootsTech Blogging with Lisa Louise Cooke

Sitting here at RootsTech right now in a class called “The Blog Blitz: Create Your Own Genealogy Blog in one Session” with Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems.  I thought that I needed some help developing my new blog even though I will not be creating a whole new Blog in this Session.  She is […]

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Welcome to my new Blogger hosted blog.  I am at Lisa Louise Cooke’s Blog Blitz Workshop at RootsTech 2013.  This is right now a practice blog to learn more about blogging.  Be sure to check out my other blog and website at findingYOURhistory.com.  That one was designed by the wonderful folks at 85250WebDesign.com and they help me […]

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RootsTech 2013

Excited to be going to RootsTech 2013 this week!

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St Louis Genealogy

Of all the places that your ancestors could have lived I would wish for you that they lived in St Louis!  I began my research there because St Louis was my family’s home for 4 generations. I now know just how fortunate that was!    There are many reasons why St Louis is one of the […]

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St. Louis, Missouri

My favorite city for genealogical research is St. Louis. As the home of my ancestors for over 150 years, St Louis is full of treasures. I will bring you a wealth of knowledge in your search for ancestors in St. Louis.

Natchitoches, Louisiana

My husband’s family has taken me to in-depth study of the Natchitoches, Louisiana area from the time when it was the border between French held and Spanish held territory, to the Carolinas, where Bamberg county was named for a relative, and to New York and Holland Land Purchase research.

Early Boston Settlers

Another line led to research in Puritan Boston in the 1630s, to a brother-in-law of both Rev. John Cotton and Rev . Richard Mather. He was numbered among the early Baptists in spite of his relations. Lutheran church planters and New Light Baptists in the Appalachians, LDS pioneers and Catholics, church records yield some of the most interesting insights into their lives.

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